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Common Signs of Boiler Problems

Boiler systems use hot water or steam to generate heat for your home. Knowing some of the common signs of boiler problems can help you to avoid a no heat situation before it happens.
  • Odd Sounds

    If your boiler is making whistling or gurgling sounds, it could mean that there is air in your system or that the water level is too low. Left unchecked, this can inhibit the ability of a hot water heating system to circulate water through the radiators.

  • Cold Rooms

    A room that is colder than the rest can be a sign of impending problems. Air in the lines can prevent proper circulation, leaving certain rooms without heat. Since most radiators are located on outside walls, it is possible that any water remaining in an otherwise air-locked radiator can freeze and burst, causing thousands of dollars worth of damage.

  • Strange Smells

    An exhaust smell in your mechanical room can be a sign that your boiler is not properly venting up the chimney. While the latest boilers usually include safety devices to shut the system down before you get carbon monoxide into your home, many older systems do not.

Whether you are experiencing any of these issues or not, it’s important to have your boiler evaluated and tuned-up each year to ensure the best reliability and longest life possible. The team at Church Plumbing & Heating can help you to solve your problems today while reducing future issues.