Sewer Line Repair & Installation

Issues with your sewer lines can lead to all sorts of problems. Whether your drains are backing up or you’ve got a damaged or leaking sewer line, call Church Plumbing & Heating at (574)295-6844 for fast service and fair pricing for your sewer line repair and replacement projects.

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By their very nature, plumbing emergencies are unexpected. Don’t worry, though… We’ve got you covered there, too! We have special financing plans available that can help alleviate the stress of finding the funds to pay for emergency plumbing repairs. Click the button below to apply. Apply For Financing

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Selecting a plumber can be nerve-wracking. Are they going to do a good job and charge a fair price? At Church Plumbing & Heating, we let our customers speak for us. We ask every one of our customers to review our performance. Put your mind at ease and see what our other customers have to say by clicking the link below.

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Kitchen Drain Clog? DIY With This Guide!

Clogged Kitchen Sink One morning as you are rinsing your coffee cup and getting ready to run out the door, you notice that you have a kitchen drain clog and that the sink has a little bit of water standing in it. Not that big of a deal, and you have to get to work. You’ll worry about it later. However, by that evening the kitchen sink is full of gross, smelly, dirty water and your well-orchestrated evening kitchen routine has ground to a halt. You can’t do dishes, you can’t cook, and you can’t even rinse an apple for a snack without

How To Avoid An Expensive Drain Cleaning Emergency

An emergency drain cleaning call (also known as “roto-rooting”) can cost hundreds of dollars. A blocked sewer line can cause thousands of dollars in property damage — not to mention the potential negative health consequences that can result from exposure to raw sewage backing up into your home. As with many things, an ounce of prevention can help you to avoid hours of frustration and save hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in the long run.