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Drain Cleaning Services in Elkhart, IN & Southwest MI

When your drains run slowly or your sewer backs up in your Elkhart home, you need a reliable drain cleaning company! Church Plumbing & Heating delivers complete drain services for homes and small businesses in Elkhart, South Bend, and the surrounding areas.

We’ve got the technicians, tools, and experience for your drain cleaning project. As a local company, we understand how important our community is. That’s why we hire local people! We will treat your family and home like our neighbors because you are our neighbors!

When you need drain cleaning services in Elkhart, trust in Church Plumbing & Heating. Call us at 574-295-6844 or contact us online to schedule your service appointment today!

Drain Cleaning in Elkhart, IN

Drain cleaning services, also called roto-rootering, are an essential part of the long-term maintenance of your home. Without drain cleaning, your sewer lines and drain lines can get backed up, causing more significant problems for you or your small business.

Ensure your drains and sewer lines are clean and clear with our drain cleaning services.

Residential Drain Cleaning

Church Plumbing & Heating’s professional and trained technicians can help you with all your drain cleaning service needs, including:

  • Clogged sinks
  • Clogged toilets
  • Slow drains
  • Main sewer cleaning
  • Sewer jetting
  • Clearing root blockages in main lines
  • Camera drain inspections
  • Locating underground lines

When you need drain services in the Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan area, choose the company that understands you need the service done correctly and efficiently the first time. Choose Church Plumbing & Heating for your drain cleaning needs.

To schedule an evaluation, call Church Plumbing at 574-295-6844 or reach us online.

Why You Need To Clean Your Drains

The drain and sewer lines in your Elkhart home are a complicated web of piping. Even when you’re diligent about keeping food and other solids out of your drain lines, particles will start to build up. Over time, those tiny particles can create a clog, causing slow drains or even drain back-ups into your home!

To keep your drains running effectively, you need to clean them regularly. An annual professional drain cleaning will ensure the pipes in your home are obstruction-free, without the harsh chemicals that can harm your plumbing.

Regular drain cleaning also eliminates the bacteria and germs that can cause foul odors and attract pests into your home.

Church’s experts can help you clean your drains! Call us at 574-295-6844 to schedule an appointment or contact us online today!

Signs You Need To Clean Your Drains

A toilet that won’t flush indicates that something is clogging your drains, but other signs show a professional drain cleaning is needed in your Elkhart home. Knowing what to look for in keeping your drains and sewer lines working correctly is an integral part of home ownership.

Here are some of the signs you need to know:

  • Drains clear more slowly than usual.
  • Drains have frequent clogs
  • Multiple drains are clogged
  • Gurgling sounds are coming from drains
  • Odors come from drains
  • Water backs up into the shower or tub

If you notice any of these signs, it is time to get professional help cleaning and clearing your drains and sewer lines.

For the best drain cleaning services in the Elkhart and South Bend area, choose Church Plumbing. Contact us online or call us at 574-295-6844 to schedule your appointment today!

When To Call the Drain Cleaning Pros

Some drain cleaning maintenance can be done by yourself. For basic drain cleaning maintenance, you may be able to use a baking soda and vinegar mix to help keep your drain lines clear. For a more thorough cleaning or to remove clogs, you should call a professional. 

The expert technicians at Church Plumbing & Heating use firm but gentle augers or snakes to clean drain and sewer lines. They know how to ensure your drains are clear and clean, so no bacteria, clogs, or gross smells remain without using harsh chemicals that can hurt your plumbing.

Ready to get your drains running smoothly and odor-free? Call the local experts at Church at 574-295-6844 or reach us online to schedule your appointment today!

Why Choose Church Plumbing & Heating?

If you need to clean the drains or sewer lines in your Elkhart home, choose Church Plumbing. Our professionals are courteous and NATE-certified technicians. We are a local company dedicated to delivering top-rated customer service for all of your plumbing projects.

Our work is backed by a one-year warranty on every repair. We offer upfront pricing, so you know what to expect at the end of the project. We also have special financing plans that can help you solve your plumbing problems stress-free!

For all your Northern Indiana drain cleaning needs, choose Church Plumbing & Heating! Call us at 574-295-6844 or contact us online to schedule your appointment today!


Have questions about drain cleaning services? We have answers. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

Are chemical cleaners actually bad for my plumbing?

Unfortunately, yes! Chemical drain cleaners are convenient, but the harsh chemicals that make them up are also harmful to the pipes in your home. The chemical compounds in the cleaners can cause heat to build up in your piping. This heat can damage and warp your plumbing, making it more likely for leaks to occur.

Chemical drain cleaners are also bad for the environment and septic tanks. Using a gentle mix of baking soda, vinegar, and hot water or professional drain cleaning services is best.

What is water-jetting in drain cleaning?

Water-jetting, or hydro jetting, uses high pressured water to clean and clear drains. The high pressure of the water can clear buildup and debris from your plumbing without using harsh chemicals.

It’s a safe and effective way to maintain your drain and sewer lines.

How long does a professional drain cleaning take?

Professional drain cleaning usually takes only a couple of hours. The drain cleaning project usually lasts less than three hours, from installing the tools and equipment to the final cleanup.

Of course, if you have a specific problem or clog, the length of time for the cleaning may vary. For more information on drain cleaning, view our blog on “How you can avoid an expensive drain  cleaning emergency.”

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24/7 Emergency Service

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This was quite possible the best service call I’ve experienced. JD explained everything and worked with me so I could see how he worked through my radiator issue and we came to find a solution. He also listened and repaired my toilet so much better than the last person we had called out for the same issue. Church will be getting all my calls from now on. Thanks so much!

D. Dodwell

Kristi was top notch and provided A1 service. Very professional and pleasant. As always Church Plumbing was able to work around my schedule to accommodate me and complete my services.

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I and my neighbors have used Church Plumbing & Heating for years and are totally loyal to this business because they deliver exactly as promised, efficiently and professionally, and at affordable prices. Recently, we had a seriously blocked kitchen sink, that one workman threw his hands up and said he couldn't fix it, and yet Church came out and fixed it in 30 minutes at a very affordable cost...

Q. Martin

Nick & JD were right on time, very nice guys & made quick work of relocating our kitchen gasoline (they had to do some ductwork too to get there!). I really appreciated how fast Church could respond to my appointment request & how easy communication was the entire project. Will be using again, will even try to request Nick & JD if possible. Thanks so much!

K. Peachey

Kristi was awesome! She drove an hour in a blizzard to come fix my furnace when I couldn't find anyone else to come help me so that we could have heat during this snowstorm. She was very nice and helpful as well!

M. Murray
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