Sump Pump & Sewage Pump Installation & Repairs

If you’re like most folks, your sump pump is the last thing on your mind… Until you’ve got a foot of water in your basement! Call Church Plumbing & Heating at (574)295-6844 for fast service and fair pricing when your sump pump or sewage pump quits pumping.

Sump or Sewage? What Kind of Pump Do You Have?

Showing up at your home with the right pump for your application can make all the difference when yours is on the fritz. In general, a sump pump deals with the ground water that finds its way around the perimeter of your basement or crawl space. Many times a clothes washer located in the basement will also drain into a sump pump. A sewage pump, on the other hand, is designed to deal with solid waste and is typically found only in homes and businesses with a bathroom in the basement. You can usually tell the difference between a sump pump and a sewage pump in two ways. First, the basin that holds a sewage pump will always have a sealed lid to keep the sewage smell from making its way through your home. This is not a foolproof way to identify which type of pump you’ve got, though, as a sump pump will sometimes have a sealed lid — especially if radon is a concern in your geographic area. The other way to figure out what type of pump you’ve got is the size of the discharge pipe. Since a sewage pump is designed to handle solid waste (ewww!), it will usually have a discharge line that has an inside diameter (ID) of 2″. The outside diameter (OD) of a discharge pipe like this is usually around 2-1/4″, whereas a sump pump will usually have a 1-1/2″ ID discharge pipe (approximately 1-3/4″ OD). Special circumstances may make identifying the type of pump you’ve got more difficult. If you’re not sure what you’ve got, just give us a call at (574)295-6844 to have one of our plumbing technicians out to your home.

We Have Payment Plans!

A sump or sewage pump can be an unexpected expense — one that seems to come at the worst of times. We have special financing plans available that can help alleviate the stress of paying for an unplanned replacement. Click the button below to apply. Apply For Financing

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